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Sep 25, 2012 6:00am PDT
stock exchange straight ahead. right now the up slightly 22 points. >> first, president obama and the first lady sit down with the ladies of "the view." the president's response when asked if he >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv blood cast center this is abc7 news. >> :four -- mild to warm once again, mild along the coast low to mid 60s more cloud cover than yesterday low to mid 70s bay and 70s in the south bay mainly 80s in the north bay and east bay valleys. it is really quiet this morning, low 90s around the central valley 71 big sur also in tahoe and you can see los angeles and san diego temperatures are back to where they should be in the upper 70s. now back to kristen and eric for something special. >>> that in a moment. we just got in, east bay police chase hitting speeds over 100 miles per hour ended with the suspect's car flipping on highway 4 in pittsburg. take a look at new video just in. the driver tried to runaway from this crash but was arrested. they tell us he's a parolee from oakland. a woman passenger was injured in the crash. she was taken to an ambulance o
Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
away at president obama's foreign policy. in an editorial, romney calls for a new mideast strategy. see that first debate right here on abc7. live debate courtroom begins at 6 p.m. this wednesday. >>> oracle president gives today's keynote at the annual world conference in san francisco. last night the ceo ellison wowed 10,000 guests by announcing three new cloud-based products to help process fastest yet. just getting word that nokia and oracle have reached a mapping deal to try to come beat with google and apple an details coming out at the conference today. >> hewlett-packard will unveil its new tablet aimed at business customers for people who say they say need portability and productivity. hp trying to branch out into smartphones and tablets. the new tablet will be available next year. >>> five years ago today, the dow hit all-time high october 1st, 2007 closed at 14,087. how the dow doing this morning? >> good question. let's check in with jane king. you have a new milestone for google, right? >>> yes, good morning. higher today, not 14,000, those numbers in a second. big day for
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2